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Apple: More Embarrassed Than Kanye West on 12-12-12

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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- I am staying just a few blocks from Madison Square Garden in Manhattan and I swear to you, if I see Kanye West on these streets I will whip his ass for making me sit through that last night. If I didn't like Billy Joel so much I would have been out . . . instantly.

And it's not that I don't like hip-hop and rap. I do. It's just that that wasn't hip-hop and rap. I'm not sure what it was. Kanye ought to stick to what he did toward the end when he actually showed incredible talent and sang. Surprisingly, he does have a beautiful voice, but I digress . . . .

Like West, Apple (AAPL) wakes up the morning after 12-12-12 the butt of America's jokes.

Even a "Product Manager" at Facebook (FB) took a shot Tweeting: Dear iFriends: you no longer have to get lost with a link to the big announcement from Google (GOOG) :

Google Maps is now available for iPhone (via Google's Official blog).

Just when I was starting to think, Gee, Apple Maps isn't so bad after all , Google does this.

I played around with Google Maps on my iPhone this morning and, man, it just works . . . so much better. It's not even fair to compare it to Apple Maps. Google Maps has that smooth flow of an old friend -- it's Billy Joel -- whereas Apple Maps -- like Kanye West -- screams ice pic in forehead.

Late last night, All Things D broke the news. Shortly thereafter, Google Maps popped up in Apple's App Store. When I attempted to download it (during West's performance or shortly thereafter), it returned an error message. I woke up a few hours later, in the middle of the night ( I went walking in my sleep, from the mountains of faith to a river so deep! ), and the download worked.

Last night, Google Maps had zero reviews in the App Store. Now it has over 7,000 and counting. Had I not hit that error, I could have been the first to rave about the return of transit directions and Street View. Yes, suburbanites, there is a difference between driving and walking directions!

Google Maps brings the nuance you have to have with a Maps app. But it's a precision that can only come with time. In that respect, you can't come after Apple too hard for having an inferior product. However, you can take Tim Cook to task for releasing it.

I know. We have been through this before.

And now, Apple has to go through this again. It's not all that often that this company gets embarrassed, but by basically having no choice other than to approve Google Maps for iPhone, that's where we are -- redux -- this morning.