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Top 5 Apps For Super Bowl XLVII

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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) - Super Bowl XLVII is right around the corner, with much of America catching the game and watching the commercials. Who knows, some viewers may even be thinking about becoming sponsors .

Once you've gotten your friends and family over and you're all settled in for the big game, you'll want to keep the party going. The good news is that technology can add to your enjoyment of the game.

Here are five apps from Apple's(AAPL) iTunes Store that you can download to make your Super Bowl XLVII experience more enjoyable, even if you're not a fan of the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers (besides, who really likes the Ravens anyway?).

The author is a die-hard Patriots fan and is still depressed about the team's playoff defeat by the Ravens.

Domino's Pizza

What's the Super Bowl without food? I can think of no better accompaniment to a football game than pizza, buffalo wings and cheesy bread.

The free Domino's app for iPhone and iPad lets you order from almost any of the nearly 5,000 Domino's locations across the country and place your order right from your phone. Domino's app is also available on the Android Market, Google's(GOOG) competitor to iTunes.

You can build your own pizza, enter coupons, payment information, and select whether the order is for pick-up or delivery, all without having to call the local Domino's. After ordering your food, the app has a Tracker feature which lets you see when your food's being made and, finally, when it's out for delivery.

Perhaps it's no coincidence that since the app was launched in the summer of 2011, shares of Domino's have zoomed higher. Shares are up 37.49% over the past six months.

Super Bowl Winners

Before the game starts and you decide on who you want to win, you'll want to impress your friends with knowledge of previous Super Bowl winners. The Super Bowl Winners app by LightAgeArt gives you access to all the winners of the Super Bowl since the game first started in 1967.

The free app will update every year as new winners are crowned, and also includes a brief history of the Super Bowl.

The paid version of the app provides historical data not just for the Super Bowl, but the NFL Championship games, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals and MLS, MISL, NPSL, ASL, ASLII and NAFL Soccer championships.

It also provides information about stadia for the different sports.

Super Bowl Quiz

After you've impressed your friends with a flurry of Super Bowl stats, test their knowledge with this Super Bowl Quiz app from Robert Kuhlig.

You can answer all the questions from 1 to 15, or you can skip around and answer as many or as few questions as you like. It's really up to you.