NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — It is possible to find buried treasure in far-flung places if you're willing to muster the gumption to try. A California couple most recently found a $10 million bounty randomly while walking their dog, so imagine how your chances would improve if you actually knew where to look.

And who could resist the lure of turning over that last spade of earth, inhaling deadly fungi and lifting out something lost to humanity for hundreds of years? Plus, you get ridiculously rich in the process. For anyone who wants to join MainStreet in the fruitless quest for obscene and instant wealth, here are ten lost treasures we can start hunting tomorrow.

I'll bring the satchel and fedora.

#1. The Amber Room
Last Seen: Kaliningrad, Russia

The Amber Room was a room decorated entirely with panels of amber, gold leaf and mirrors. It was built by master sculptor Andreas Schluter for the Catherine Palace near Saint Petersburg some 300 years ago.

With over six tons of pure amber, not to mention the extraordinary skill and beauty invested in this room, it was once known as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

During World War II occupying German soldiers looted the room, taking it apart and shipping the entire thing back to Konigsberg Castle, now known as Kaliningrad. That's where the Amber Room vanished into history. Nazi officials began evacuating the treasure before Allied armies could seize it, but no one knows what happened next. Witnesses claimed to see it in crates, and rumors have placed pieces of the Amber Room across most of Europe. However Konigsberg Castle was the last time anyone has ever seen the room intact or even known where it was.

#2. The Treasure of Cocos Island
Last Seen: Lima, Peru

The legend of Cocos Island begins two hundred years ago in occupied Lima.

For hundreds of years, Spain looted the Incan Empire, collecting its wealth in Lima under the authority of the Catholic Church. When revolution began spreading across South America in 1820 the governor decided to ship this gold back to Spain, loading it onto the brig Mary Dear in the care of Captain William Thompson.

Once at sea, Thompson and his crew rose up and murdered the soldiers and clergy sent to guard the treasure, then buried it on Cocos Island off the coast of modern Costa Rica. They planned to come back for the gold when tensions had cleared but were captured before they could do so. Spanish authorities executed every member of the Mary Dear's crew for piracy, sparing only Thompson and his first mate in exchange for a promise to lead them back to their stolen treasure.

That never happened. When searchers got to Cocos Island Thompson and his first mate escaped into the jungle. Neither were ever seen again, and the treasure was never found. To this day it remains hidden, buried somewhere on an island off of Costa Rica.