NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — Last night's Academy Awards unfurled a star-studded event, and 1 billion viewers from around the world tuned in to see whom Jennifer Lawrence was wearing or which selfie she'd be in. Deep down, though, is there a trick to being a celebrity? Events like the Oscars leave us wondering are there small moves we can all do in our everyday life to become a little bit more high-wattage in our personal branding?

"One of the essential ingredients to achieving celebrity success is making a concerted effort to become seen as an expert in your community, organization, profession, or industry," said David Newman, author of Amazon #1 bestseller Do It! Marketing .

According to Newman there are a few factors that contribute to doing this well. The first is public speaking.

"This is equivalent to your 'celebrity appearances,'" he said. "Learn to deliver a short, punchy, valuable presentation to promote your ideas, company, products, services, and value. Public speaking increases an individual's visibility on the local or even national stage."

The second step is publishing. Newman explained, "The more you write and publish, the more you build up your credibility," he said. It can be as simple as publishing a blog to start. He encouraged submitting print and electronic articles to company or industry newsletters, trade publications or professional association magazines.

Then use social media to share posts of value.

"Keep them relevant, personable, approachable and use social media to shine the spotlight on others, not only yourself," he said. "The more value you post via social media channels, the more you are working on your shareability."

The secret to knowing where to focus?

"A key point in becoming like either is to leverage: take what you are good at and double down in those areas," Newman said. "When it comes to the grunt work to simplify, eliminate and delegate."

The next step is to expand your influence. Keep looking for opportunities to expand into related areas, projects, and initiatives. "A great example of this is Bethenny Frankel who moved from reality star to bestselling author to vodka entrepreneur," Newman said. "All carefully planned around her following and a consistent persona that millions of women came to know like, and trust in all of those different arenas."

Newman also brought up never flying solo. "Surround yourself with trusted advisors, collaborators, connectors, and partners," he said. "Nobody achieves anything great alone - not the celebrity superstars and not you. They have agents, press people, money people, and assistants of every imaginable stripe. You might not have a celebrity entourage ,but you can surround yourself with like-minded friends, a financial advisor, personal shopper, hair and makeup professionals, career and life coaches, personal trainers and so on."