NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — Aside from teaching us about world unity, sportsmanship and the spirit of competition, the Sochi Games are chock-full of important money lessons. From the less-than-stellar snow conditions to the unexpected popularity of a little-known athlete with snazzy dance moves, there's much we can learn about making smart — and not-so-smart — financial decisions from the 2014 Winter Olympics. Read on for our breakdown of five lessons that can help you score a gold medal in financial soundness.

Check the Weather!

We're not quite sure what the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was thinking when choosing Sochi to host the 2014 Winter Games. We don't mean to hate on the southern Russian city located on the Black Sea, but Sochi's balmy climate (temperatures in February average between the upper 30s and low 50s) doesn't exactly make it an ideal location for the world's most important winter sports event. In fact, the city is a popular summer hotspot known as the "Russian Riviera." In fairness, the games are taking place up in the mountains away from the shore, but even that region is experiencing warm temperatures that are creating difficult conditions for athletes.

Indeed, the warm weather at Sochi has made the snow soft, slippery and slushy. The weather is thought to have contributed to several serious accidents, including that of Russian skicross racer Maria Komissarova, who fractured her spine during a training run, and American snowboarder Jackie Hernandez, who was knocked unconscious and sustained a concussion after crashing in her opening run of snowboard cross qualifying.

Aside from injuries, the warm weather seems to also have squashed many athletes' dreams of earning a medal — or even simply completing their races. According to the Washington Post : "When 18 out of 48 skiers couldn't even finish the course in the women's super-G, the most in the event's history, something is off."

What's the takeaway from these mishaps at Sochi? If you're scoping out a venue for an important event, always take weather and climate into consideration. It's probably not worth booking a venue or locale if the weather doesn't suit the needs of your event. And if the weather can cause danger to guests or participants, it's especially wise to look elsewhere.

It's O.K. to Call Out Sick (Even If You're Bob Costas)

He may have thought wearing Peabody and Sherman glasses would hide his full-blown pinkeye infection, but Bob Costas really should have called out sick when he went on the air to host the first few days of NBC's prime-time coverage of the games. While we give the much-loved sportscaster credit for trying to work while enduring his eye infection, the ick factor was a bit too much to handle for viewers and we imagine it must have been mighty painful and uncomfortable for Costas, who was experiencing reddened, teary eyes, blurred vision and sensitivity to light. Thankfully, Costas took a week off to recover before returning to coverage on Monday, February 17. While he was away, "Today Show" anchor Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira, a former anchor for the "Today Show" and former host of "The View," filled in for him.