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11 Greenest Cars of 2013

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PORTLAND, Ore. (TheStreet) -- The nation's blacktop is looking greener by the moment.

With new mileage restrictions coming just a few years down the road, more than two dozen vehicles in the U.S. are achieving more than 40 miles per gallon in combined mileage. Costly trips to the pump are about to get less frequent just as reaching for the plug becomes more commonplace.

The folks at Kelley Blue Book still have a fondness for calling such gas-sipping vehicles "green" and came up with 10 such cars that hit the roads at 40 mpg or better in the city and on highways. While General Motors is banking on its Chevrolet Cruze to hit that mark without any electric help, a slew of new hybrids and plug-ins are getting the job done just as efficiently.

It's an eerily quiet ride to better mileage, but there aren't a whole lot of stops along the way: