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Apple Maps: An iOS 6 Letdown (Update 2)

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Updated from 3:20 p.m. EST to provide comments regarding Apple Maps from Apple in the thirteenth paragraph.

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Apple's (AAPL) new mobile operating system became available for download yesterday, and though overall reviews of the new OS are largely positive, there's one feature that's getting taken to the woodshed: Apple Maps.

Apple touted the new mapping feature at its developer conference in June , as it becomes less reliant on Google (GOOG) for such features. Initial reaction Apple Maps was positive, thanks to its beautiful imaging and 3-D rendering of buildings, cities and roads.

Yet after downloading the new OS, there's been a significant backlash from the blogosphere, as well as social media. TechCrunch noted that the new mapping application is giving cities the wrong names. BGR noted that a place in Kansas was given as the answer to a restaurant search query, even though the restaurant was just 100 feet away from where the person was standing.

A search on Twitter for #iOS6 reveals other complaints about the new app.

Was just reading about our new airport #iOS6 decided to have a good nose round the maps app noticed Weston airfield does not exist!— Roisin Nolan (@roisin_nolan) September 20, 2012

Apple Maps service loses train stations, shrinks tower and creates new airport via @ guardian #ios6— Justin Ford (@iPetulant) September 20, 2012

Apple is using search data from Yelp (YELP) , TomTom and others for its new Maps application, and it's abundantly clear that their troves of data and information are nowhere near as extensive as Google's.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company has made a few gaffes recently, most notably its decision to lay off Apple Store staff, only to reverse this decision. Apple products, however, haven't had too many problems.

Perhaps the shortcomings in Apple Maps are a sign that Steve Jobs is not around. Apple typically doesn't make mistakes with hardware or software, so this is something to keep an eye on.

Stephen Beck, the founder and managing partner of cg42, believes Apple may have indeed have a crisis on its hands with Apple maps. "When you combine the shortcomings of this release with Apple's recent focus on legal battles with key competitors, it causes one to believe that they have indeed lost their way,' Beck said in an email.

Even with the criticism of the new Apple Maps, though, iOS 6 is being well received, by and large. The New York Times columnist David Pogue told consumers to download the new operating system, despite the problems with the mapping app.

One Facebook user noted that they "loved" the new operating system. "I like that when I'm busy I can ignore a call and still send out a text. "I also love that I can set my alarm to my favorite jams as well as the overall look and feel."