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Top Insider Trades: HMA RAH SLG VMW

Tickers in this article: HMA RAH SLG VMW
Editor's note: These trades are from Friday. Monday was an SEC holiday, despite the market being open for half a day.

By Jonathan Moreland, founder of Insider Insights and author of Profit From Legal Insider Trading.

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- It is a victory for common sense. Tracking the trading behavior of company executives, directors and large shareholders in the stocks of firms they're registered in as "insiders" has proven to be profitable, according to both academic studies and (more importantly) the experience of professional investors.

Below are lists of the top 10 mainly open-market insider purchases and sales filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday, December 21, 2012 as ranked by dollar value. Please note, however, that these are only factual lists, not buy and sell recommendations. Dollar value is only one metric to assess the importance of an insider transaction, and, frankly, often not even the most important metric that determines if an insider transaction is significant.

At, we find new investment ideas just about every day using these and more intricate insider screens to determine where we should focus our subsequent fundamental and technical analysis. And while stocks don't (or shouldn't) move up or down based on insider activity alone, insiders tend to be good indicators of when real stock-moving events like earnings surprises, corporate actions, and new products may be in the offing.

So use these regular Top Insider Trades columns as the initial research tools they are meant to be, and click the links in the tables to analyze a company's or insider's full insider history. Also feel free to contact us with any questions on our proprietary insider data, and how it is best analyzed.

Mannkind ( MNKD) Mann Alfred E CB,CEO,
Health ( HMA) Glenview Capital BO4,980,22745,621,036
Postrock ( PSTR) Edelman & Guill En DIR,BO4,577,4646,499,999
Silver Bay ( SBY) Kessler Irvin R DIR300,0005,550,000
VMware ( VMW) EMCBO33,3903,213,344
Equus Total Ret ( EQS) Des Pallieres B DIR986,8422,610,691
United Therap ( UTHR) Rothblatt Martine A CEO,DIR9,000466,662
Ceres ( CERE) Ambergate Trust BO98,090381,250
Opko Health ( OPK) Frost Phillip MD CEO,CB,
Mexico Fund ( MXF) Shapiro Marc J DIR10,000286,486
Source: Insider Insights
Ralcorp ( RAH) Meister Keith A DIR1,322,238117,947,972
Intuit ( INTU) Cook Scott D CB,DIR399,99924,744,952
Union 1st Mkt Bank ( UBSH) MarkelBO751,53211,603,760
Sl Green Rlty ( SLG) Holliday Marc CEO,DIR111,9818,659,357
Solarwinds ( SWI) Yonce Donald BO152,8698,308,553
Mylan ( MYL) Todd C B DIR296,2058,236,070
Comcast ( CMCSA) Roberts Brian L CB,PR,CEO211,8007,774,080
Seagate ( STX) Luczo Stephen J CB,PR,CEO250,0007,340,550
Toll Brothers ( TOL) Toll Bruce E DIR200,0006,447,280
Argan ( AGX) Scott Richard L BO350,0006,301,785
Source: Insider Insights