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  • Investors Are Leaving Apple For Microsoft. Should You?

    Apple may introduce new products in 2014, but so far, investors are maintaining their distance.

  • Why Amazon Shouldn't Make a Smartphone, But Will Anyway

    It's one thing to deliver books, magazines and movies on a Kindle Fire HDX, but it's quite another thing to be the sacred holder of the customer's personal life.

  • Fire TV Just Keeps Getting Better

    Amazon's Fire TV was revolutionary in that it was the first set-top box streaming device to include voice search when looking for content, among other features. Now, its revolutionary voice search is about to get a whole lot better.

  • Google Earnings Impacted by Nest: What Wall Street's Saying

    First-quarter earnings for Google miss estimates, but pending any further hiccups it looks like the gravy train is continuing, at least for now.

  • Jim Cramer Breaks Down Google, IBM, Goldman Sachs and Chipotle's Confusing Earnings

    TheStreet's Jim Cramer discusses the "confusing" earnings of Chipotle (CMG), Google (GOOG), IBM (IBM) and Goldman Sachs (GS). Firstly, he says Chipotle reported "just OK" earnings, but this is a "revenue story," as the company reported comparable-store sales growth of 13%. Cramer was looking for 9% growth, calls 13% "extraordinary" and says investors should buy Chipotle on any weakness. IBM missed on earnings and revenue but Cramer would still buy it because "it is a second-half story." Cramer also does not want to back away from Google at all because it sells at 18 times earnings with a 19% growth rate. He reasons portfolio managers will always ultimately gravitate to companies that offer that kind of growth rate for that kind of multiple. He points out it does not happen immediately, though, and people must go through models. Cramer believes both IBM and Google will both be trading higher in two weeks. Finally, Cramer calls Goldman Sachs "impenetrable" but says the key takeaway is that it trades at slightly more than one times book value. This means if the company closed and gave cash back to investors, then the investors would more or less break even.

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