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Romney's Claims Contradicted by His Own Peers: Street Whispers

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" We continue to believe that the U.S. economy is likely to grow faster over the medium term than it did in the second quarter. ... As a whole, developing countries continue to grow more rapidly than developed countries, although growth is much slower than last year. This slower growth has not come as a surprise. We began to see significant weakening in China in September 2011," Conway said on Carlyle's earnings call.

Other private equity titans -- even those critical of President Obama's policies and tone toward the industry -- also are scouring the U.S. for deals. Blackstone Group (BX) , the world's biggest private equity fund, has raised eyebrows by making a full-fledged push into U.S. residential real estate, adding to a previous multibillion dollar economic recovery bet on commercial real estate.

"We are now buying post-foreclosed homes, which generally need some capital improvements, and we are leasing them up. We expect this activity to drive greater housing affordability and think it will help the nation economic recovery," Blackstone President Steven Schwarzman said on the firm's second-quarter earnings call.

"The U.S. and Europe are still the most attractive places to deploy capital," Schwarzman said, referring to real estate. Blackstone recently closed a $16 billion buyout fund -- the largest since the crisis -- that's likely to mainly target U.S. companies. Carlyle and private equity industry pioneer KKR(KKR) are also nearing the close of multibillion-dollar U.S. buyout funds, the biggest since the financial crisis four years ago.

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-- Written by Antoine Gara in New York