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6 Luxury New Year's Eve Destinations Still Within Reach

SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) You can still spend New Year's dancing the night away in an opulent palace in a small town outside St. Petersburg, once home to Russian czars and Catherine the Great.

The 58-room Catherine Palace originated in 1717 and has been hosting lavish affairs for Russian royalty ever since. For New Year's Eve 2013 the palace party, known as the Czar's Ball, will include opera singers, ballet, choirs, ice sculptures, a lavish imperial dinner catered by French chefs and more.

"There is so much going on in terms of cultural entertainment. It's a total champagne and caviar type of affair for people who want to imagine what celebrations were like during the time of the czars," says Annie Lucas, vice president of MIR, which offers the opportunity as part of a 10-day Russia tour.

"The fact that the ball is held in this spectacular palace it's almost a bucket list type of thing," Lucas says. "This is for people who want to do something very different and also very traditional."

There is still time to book your tickets for the ball. MIR has slots available on its Dec. 29-Jan. 7 Russian tour, which costs $5,595. Tickets to the ball are an additional $1,895.

And not to worry if you don't have a ball gown at the ready. Lucas says helping guests get fitted with rented gowns and tuxes in St. Petersburg is easily done.