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How to Sit in a Bentley Without Leaving Your Home

SAN DIEGO (MainStreet) -- Could sleeping on a bed made by Bentley possibly feel as luxurious as driving a car made by one of the world's priciest carmakers?

How about lounging on a sofa made by Bentley?

Bentley is hoping the answer to those questions is a resounding yes.

The English car manufacturer has just unveiled a furniture line inspired by the craftsmanship and materials used inside Bentley's automobiles. The collection is designed to furnish luxury homes and offices, according to a press release from Bentley.

A mix of traditional and modern design, Bentley's furniture line includes chairs, chaise longues, cabinets, a dining table, coffee tables and a bed.

Automotive industry analysts say furniture is a smart move for Bentley.

"Brand extensions like this are a logical way to monetize a luxury marque like Bentley," says Brian Millar, director of strategy for London-based Sense Worldwide, who has worked on brand strategy for numerous auto manufacturers, including launching the CL class for Mercedes and developing brand strategy for BMW.

"Bentley can't make cars below a certain price point without damaging their credibility and risk eating into VW's higher-end Audis," Millar continues. "Volkswagen is a very clever portfolio player and won't let that happen. But furniture is a logical way to help people buy into the Bentley brand without paying for a car."

The furniture line may be a less expensive way to experience Bentley, but it still isn't cheap. Prices in the collection range from about $4,700 to more than $20,000.