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5 Stock Charts You Need to See

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BALTIMORE ( Stockpickr) -- The S&P 500 has effectively traded flat this week -- and you can practically hear the sigh of relief from investors who've been sitting white-knuckled at their computers waiting for the worst to happen.

Here's a hint: It's not happening.

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While U.S. markets are in wait-and-see mode, overseas stocks are carrying on their own recovery rallies, with Japan's Nikkei 225 up close to 2% so far this week -- and around 10% year-to-date. Over in Europe, stocks are taking a breather too, but only because they've already shoved their way to new record highs in many major indexes. Make no mistake, those factors bode well for U.S. equities to keep on keeping on.

That's why we're taking a technical look at the price setups forming in five of the big names on Wall Street.

If you're new to technical analysis , here's the executive summary.

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Technicals are a study of the market itself. Since the market is ultimately the only mechanism that determines a stock's price, technical analysis is a valuable tool even in the roughest of trading conditions. Technical charts are used every day by proprietary trading floors, Wall Street's biggest financial firms, and individual investors to get an edge on the market. And research shows that skilled technical traders can bank gains as much as 90% of the time.

Every week, I take an in-depth look at big names that are telling important technical stories. Here's this week's look at the charts of five high-volume stocks to trade for gains .

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Just a month in, and 2013 has already been a good year for Google (GOOG) . Despite a temporary pre-earnings sell-off, shares of the search giant have rallied close to 9% so far this year. And now, it looks like this stock could have further to run this year.

The price action in Google doesn't get much simpler. Google is currently bumping its head up against new highs, testing the same $770 level that shoved shares considerably lower back in October. Investors should be watching for a breakout above that price.

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Making new highs is significant from an investor psychology standpoint because it means that everyone who has bought shares in the last year is sitting on gains. As a result, the "back to even" mentality is less of a concern than it would be for a name with a higher proportion of shareholders sitting on losses.

Ultimately, technicals all come down to buyers and sellers, and resistance at $770 is an indication that there's still a glut of selling pressure at that level. When buyers become more eager to pile onto Google positions than sellers are to take gains, then we'll have a high-probability trading opportunity in this stock.