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All of a Sudden, Apple 'Sucks'

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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- By the time you read this, it's quite possible I will have already appeared on CNBC to discuss Apple (AAPL) and the crazy notion that it's finished as an innovative and dominant company.

The thought is as absurd as it is depressing. Mind-numbingly melancholy to even think it has come to this. But, as I explained last week, don't dig in. It's the absolute worst thing you can do right now as an investor . As a consumer, you still win -- for the foreseeable future -- if you buy Apple products, but it's folly -- pure poppycock -- to stamp the stock with the same air of approval.

If you're an investor, just swallow your pride and hop on the Apple sucks worse than the Toronto Maple Leafs bandwagon. In an article that works in concert with this one, I dig into the pure investing angle of that sentiment. Here I tell you why -- from a company standpoint -- it's so.

I've made this argument in bits and pieces over the last several weeks and months. You know, like, way back, shortly after Steve Jobs died, when the I wonder if Tim Cook can innovate speculation wasn't as well-received as it is now.

But wait! . Stop, drop and roll. That's the whole point. Right there.

That argument is chic now. It has become hipster cool in the hyper-geeky world of tech and the financial media to dog Apple. Yeah, man, Apple sucks. It's so last year, brah .

But, here's the deal: Other than flimsy cases for the lady of the night of mobile operating systems -- Google's (GOOG) Android -- false optimism over Research in Motion's (RIMM) Blackberry 10 and way below the radar hype for strong-selling Samsung phones, the haters ain't got nothing to legitimately replace Apple with.

As Tim Cook has indicated in recent days, Apple could very easily slum it like Google and Samsung. Dilute the living snot out of their product and OS, spreading it as thin as a layer of $39.99 per pound brie on a ham sandwich. But it won't. So, plenty of lame rumors out there, but nothing from Apple. Nothing I attach much, if any, validity to.

Just like Apple did the right thing with iPad mini -- keeping the quality high and the price at a premium -- it will with whatever it has in the pipeline. I know this. Many of you know this. We see the ubiquity of Apple products daily. This company owns mindshare -- by a mile. That's what it's all about. Not cheap grabs of marketshare, which mean little to building and sustaining a truly special and dominant brand.

But that's too rational for this market, the financial media and the tech world. It doesn't sell papers like the unsubstantiated Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs meme. And, let's be clear, I am one of the primary authors of that thesis; however, I talk the game alongside context, proper perspective and a reasonable timeline .