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How Routehappy Factors Happiness Into the Price of an Airplane Ticket

SAN DIEGO (TheStreet) -- Quick quiz: Which airline has the best showers on its planes for first-class passengers?

Yes, showers.

And while you're at it: Which airline offers first-class travelers a culinary institute-trained personal chef, double-sized bathrooms, satin sheets, Italian leather seats, Swarovski amenity kits for the ladies and leather cufflink boxes for the gents?

These are not the sort of details you find when booking an airline ticket through Orbitz or Travelocity.

But they are the sort of details you're able to get from the "flight geniuses" at RouteHappy, an airline ticketing website that launched Thursday that's aiming to change ticket buying as we know it.

"There is no other site like RouteHappy," site founder and CEO Robert Albert says.

While such a claim may seem over the top, it's hard to dismiss the level of detail Routehappy brings to the airline ticket-buying experience and the way the website sorts those details for you.

It all revolves around the site's unique "Happiness Score."

Routehappy can sort flight options by price, just like its competitors. But more importantly is that along with each flight's price comes a Happiness Score and menu of related details. A flight's happiness factor is based on such things as seat sizes (width and pitch), seat layout, entertainment options, Wi-Fi availability, plane quality, trip duration and more.

Say you're flying from New York to Los Angeles. Routehappy will sort flights for you from cheapest to most expensive. But it also tells you how much legroom you get on each flight and which flights on your route have Wi-Fi available. So in the end, you're able to choose a flight not just because it's cheap, but because it's the cheapest option that also offers those amenities that matter to you most. You can filter results by price and whatever makes you happiest -- whether it's more legroom, Wi-Fi or movie selection.