NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — Should you get an iPhone or a Galaxy S5? You want one, admit it, but if you have thought hard about the smartphone decisions that lie ahead of you, you also have to admit: you don't know which smartphone to buy because the choices now are both fewer but harder to make.

The easy bit: forget about all the contenders. Anything Blackberry. Anything Windows. Anything LG. Anything Motorola. Anything named Nexus. Even the HTC One M8. Of course there may be some good phones in that pile but when the hunt is on for the smartphone bling to grasp, they are not on the list.

So you know it comes down to this: the main event is Samsung's Galaxy S5, due to ship imminently, versus the next iPhone (probably 6, probably shipping in the second half of the year). Most industry experts believe these are the only smartphones generating profits so this is the heavyweight, no-holds-barred face off.

A complication is that Samsung has lifted the kimono - telling all about the Galaxy S5 - whereas Apple, per its custom, is strenuously tight-lipped, letting the fanboys speculate themselves into a frenzy.

Money won't be a deciding factor. The Galaxy S5 pricing looks to be $199 under contract, around $600 off. Expect likewise for a new iPhone.

Design may be a decider. The Samsung device is plastic, the iPhone metal. That impacts feel in the hand but, note, a Galaxy S5 plus, per Samsung, is that it is designed to be water resistant. Anybody who ever lost a smartphone to a tiny spill knows water resistance is a big advantage. The current iPhone makes no such claim and it is unlikely the next iPhone will.

Display is another deciding factor and, per most observers, the Samsung Galaxy S5 tops the iPhone in vividness with a beefy 5.1" screen. But the iPhone might win for some, because its display is a more petite 4" and, in some hands and pockets, that's a plus. It is unlikely the next iPhone will have a significantly bigger screen, but it may be more sharper.

When it comes to CPU, Apple lags. The iPhone 5 features a 1.3Ghz CPU and 1 GB of RAM, compared to 2 GB of RAM and a 2.5Ghz CPU in the Samsung S5. But Apple may, and likely will, close that gap with its next phone. So call this TBD.

The Galaxy S5 camera is 16 megapixel, compared to 8 MP for the iPhone. Again, Apple will beef up the camera in the next edition and, although it may not hit 16 MP, it will take perfectly sharp pix. Samsung grabs the advantage but only for the hardcore picture takers.

It terms of storage, call it a draw. The Samsung offers 16 GB or 32, as does iPhone which - for heavy duty image and music hoarders - also offers 64 GB. For the hoarders among us, the iPhone is the choice but, for the rest of us, the two phones both will serve well.