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AMD's New Trinity Chips: Hot Trends

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Popular searches on the Internet Tuesday include Advanced Micro Devices(AMD) as the company introduced its new A-series chips.

AMD said the chips, also called Trinity, will allow for thin and light laptops similar in size, weight and battery life toIntel's(INTC) ultrabooks. Laptops made with Trinity chips will be less expensive than Intel's ultrabooks, however, with starting price points of Trinity laptops at $500, compared to the roughly $750 price for Intel's ultrabooks. Trinity laptops will be up to 22 millimeters thick and will have about eight hours of battery life.

Initially, five PC makers will use Trinity chips, including Hewlett-Packard, which will use Trinity chips in its new Envy Sleekbook laptops. Envy Sleekbooks with Trinity chips will start at $599, while Envy ultrabooks with Intel processors start at $749.99.

Jamie Dimon is also trending as the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase(JPM) is set to meet with shareholders Tuesday on the heels of the bank's announcement of a $2 billion trading error.

Just five days after revealing what he called a strategy to hedge against financial risk that went wrong, Dimon will speak at the bank's annual meeting in Tampa, Fla. Shareholders will likely look for more information on the error and what role Dimon played in the mistake. They will also vote on whether or not to separate the bank's chairman and CEO positions, both of which are currently held by Dimon.

Since Dimon announced the error and subsequent loss, JPMorgan has lost nearly $20 billion in market value.

Moody's is another popular search upon issuing a mass downgrade of Italian banks.

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-- Written by Brittany Umar.

Moody's slashed the credit ratings of 26 Italian banks, which have already struggled to raise funds, attributing the move to a weakening operating environment. Moody's said Prime Minister Mario Monti's austerity measure only worsened the situation.

Italy's banking sector has called the move an assault against the country and its companies. The business community in Italy has already faced critiscm by Standard & Poor's and Fitch.