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5 Items to Buy on Labor Day

PORTLAND, Ore. (TheStreet) -- Labor Day is supposed to be your day off from the working world, but businesses also know it may be their last chance to get you to spend as if you're on vacation.

After a summer of travel, kids' camps and back-to-school shopping, likely the last thing you want to do is whip out your wallet and go on a big spree. The retail calendar doesn't care about any of that. It's why you're already seeing candy corn in the supermarket and drugstore aisles, pumpkin beer in the convenience and liquor store coolers and a Halloween superstore where your local Borders used to be. The clock is ticking and companies are dropping prices just to get you to consider spending your day off buying one of their products.

It's not holiday creep. It's just unavoidable retail reality. January and February are typically the slowest buying months on the calendar, which explains crazy post-Christmas sales and big President's Day car deals. Just behind them, however, is September. According to Census Bureau data, retail sales tend to drop off by $20 billion to $30 billion from August to September before picking up again in October. Retailers really hate it when you're not spending, dragging down their sales and earnings, which is why you see a big push to get old items out the door before the pre-holiday rush starts in October.

If you can stomach another depressing journey to the mall, here's what's worth looking at around Labor Day: