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Cronut Mark-Up Astounds

By Sarah Lindner

The cronut craze continues, only now consumers are willing to pay $100 for just one of these delicious pastries- up from the $40 going rate last week.

The creation of the Premium Cronut Delivery service is what's allowing fans to take crazy to a whole new level, charging $100 for a single cronut, $200 for two, or a whopping $3,000 for the delivery of ten cronuts. That's 60 times more than what they would pay if they simply waited in line outside the bakery themselves, as Ansel still refuses to raise the original price of the cronut from $5.

Clearly, this service is not popular for its price, but instead for its convenience: the scalper's website advertises that their "white glove service enables you to enjoy New York's hottest confection without waiting in line at 5am in front of the Dominique Ansel bakery."

According to the website, the scalpers even offer excellent customer service.

"We'll wait in line, get your order.... And deliver it to you - same day, with a smile."

The downside of the delivery service is that will only complete five orders per weekday, possibly a result of the two-cronut-per-customer daily purchasing limit enforced by the bakery in an effort to reduce scalpers.

Ansel told USA Today that waiting in line for two cronuts isn't a very profitable business, and that he's personally thrown scalpers out of line. "I open the door for everyone every morning at 8 a.m. And I say 'hello' to all my customers. It's only a matter a time before something seems kind of shady," Ansel told Today.

--Written by Sarah Lindner for MainStreet