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10 Top Twitter Users From Barack to Bieber

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10. Kim Kardashian
Twitter handle: @kimkardashian
Joined Twitter: March 19, 2009
Followers: 16,534,130
First tweet: March 21, 2009. "Hey guys it's Kim Kardashian! I finally signed up for Twitter! There are a few fakes so just know this is the real me!!!"

From what we can discern, this is the only entry on the list that isn't tied to any particular occupation. The most famous of the Kardashian clan has no title. She's not an actress, a singer, a talk show host, a politician. In many ways, she's more like Instagram, YouTube or the other businesses on this list and is a product of many parts and people. She's a series of reality television shows, she's a leaked sex tape with Ray J, she's a line of clothing, a name attached to credit cards, Kanye West's girlfriend. She's here not because of any particular thing Kim Kardashian has produced, but because she simply is Kim Kardashian and all the ample proportions attached to that name. Nobody else here can claim the same.