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[video] Cramer's Mad Money Landmark

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Tuesday Oct. 1 marks the 2000th episode of Mad Money with a special celebratory show taped outside the New York Stock Exchange.

Mad Money has come a long way from its first airing on March 15, 2005. Through the deep recession of 2008 and 2009 to getting you back to even and beyond, Jim Cramer has been at it almost every day -- working, as he says, "not to make friends, but to make you money." The show is about explaining what has become an ever more confusing market, giving you the tools to do your own research and homework... and to stay in the game.

The show is 100% about the homegamer-- the individual investor. Mad Money is both a prime time entertainment show and a truly intellectual and smart show about individual stocks.

I've been honored to work with Cramer for the past four years of this endeavor, and every day I continue to learn from him and the show.

Congrats to Jim on his 2000th show. In the video above, he talks about why individual stock research can indeed lead to outperformance and why it's key to stay in the game, while highlighting some of the big wins from the show's tenure.

--Written by Nicole Urken.