NEW YORK (MainStreet) — There may be good news for qualified individuals who tried to sign up for health insurance through, the federal government's health insurance Marketplace website, but were unable to do so. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released guidance that may allow some individuals to receive tax credits and cost-sharing reductions as well as retroactive coverage.

The HHS guidance may prove to be especially relevant for taxpayers who live in states where the implementation of the new marketplaces was particularly challenging, says Brian Haile, senior vice president for health policy at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. However, states are not required to implement the guidance, he says.

States with the biggest glitches include Maryland, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Oregon, and Nevada.

Maryland is still reviewing the logistics of the federal guidance with its Affordable Care Act marketplace insurance carriers.

Massachusetts is currently reviewing the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid guidance to see how it overlaps and/or interacts with the state's extensions and temporary coverage already in place.

Oregon is working with the federal government on interpreting the guidance and understanding the impact or its residents, its insurance marketplace, and its ACA carriers. Hawaii and Nevada had not responded to requests for information by press time.

--Written for MainStreet by S.Z. Berg, author of The Other Side of the Window, a medical mystery about the failure of the medical community