NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — As an avid marijuana enthusiast, I find the push toward pot legitimacy is close to my heart. When given the opportunity to cover Mary Jane's move to Main Street, I jumped on the opportunity to delve into the legal industry that spawned when cannabis and capitalism merged. I reached out to several industry experts to get an idea of their perspectives on the industry.

Doing It Doggystyle

Nick Adler is the vice president of business development at Cashmere Agency, the team behind Snoop Dogg's brand and the ones responsible for creating marketing campaigns for his recommended products featured on his YouTube GGN show (which garners roughly 250,000 views each episode), including his Snoopermarket on and his cannabis-related paraphernalia (including his handy G Pen that has Cashmere constantly researching both the marijuana and eCig industries, along with a variety of digital trends).

Remember Snoop's Hot Pocket video with Kate Upton or the Overstock commercial featuring music from "Reincarnated" which was presented in long form as the official music video? It's all part of Cashmere's marketing campaign to infuse pot couture in pop culture. Adler offered some insight as to how Snoop started appearing in ads traditionally associated with soccer moms; the Sugar Bear Snoop works with these days is a long B-Walk away from his former Death Row warden, Sugar Bear Knight.

"When we were approached by Golden Crisp, they wanted to align their brand with Snoop, so it was easy," Adler said. Snoop has a likable personality, and "more brands than not want to align themselves with Snoop and his lifestyle."

Cashmere isn't just a one-Dogg house, though; it's more of a modern day Sterling Cooper, with clients like Electronic Arts, Chrysler, Xbox, Disney and Red Bull. It's all about overcoming hurdles to promoting the medical marijuana industry.

<"p>Great content is the best way to connect with Snoop's audience," says Adler. He described how the team at Cashmere focuses on promoting viral content through his various internet channels. Snoop has an easily-relatable and likable personality; no matter what political or religious views we hold, there's hardly a home on this planet that hasn't shared some high times with Snoop, Cheech, Chong, and Willie Nelson.

Sharing a Bowl

In fact, all of the above brands are also fan-made strands of marijuana. The legal hurdles Snoop once had to expertly navigate during the rise of Internet music and movie piracy may affect his business as decriminalization looms on the horizon in our near future.

Pimpin' still ain't easy, but Cashmere's efforts to plant Snoop's flag in this budding industry give him an early advantage matched only by High Times (who, themselves, share digital space with green endeavors by Leafly and Weed Maps). Snoop has an entire catalog of memorable marijuana media, so it won't be long before we're all half-baked on MILF weed.