NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — Here's something to consider before blowing off your next student loan payment: losing points off your credit score could seriously cramp your sex life .

Once an obscure metric used by banks to set the interest rate on loans, today your credit score has become the most powerful number since the SAT (which is also now being considered by employers). People increasingly use it as a stand in for worth and reliability, thinking that your relationship with Capital One somehow indicates personal values. Now this philosophy has reached its logical conclusion as some experts have begun recommending that you even screen your lovers by their credit score.

The worst part? It actually makes sense.

"First off," said Polina Polishchuk, a credit expert with Next Advisor. "I definitely think that talking about credit scores and your credit in general is something that should be brought up later on in the relationship, specifically when you see a future and are talking about things like marriage."

Though there might be a healthy delay in broaching the subject, it's something that needs to be addressed.

"It's something that's really important to be brought up," Polishchuk said. "For example if you have bad credit or no credit, there are lots of things that are harder, or you can't do at all."

It's not so much an indictment or praise of your capabilities as a romantic partner but rather a telling metric of your character and the life you can provide with it.

"It's more of like a lifestyle issue or a personality trait," she said. "If someone is really bad at things like making payments on time, that could mean that the person is irresponsible and that's something that you might not want if you're getting into something more serious or creating a joint account."

Polishchuk recommends that couples talk about money and credit the same way that they do kids, homes and long term ambitions. It's a major issue, she said, and having bad credit can hurt too many aspects of your life to ignore. Someone with the credit of an unemployed pirate will have a harder time doing just about everything. Trying to get an apartment together, a mortgage or even a phone plan will get much harder, and that will impact your life too.

The real problem, though, is what a person's credit score says about his habits. However unromantic it sounds, planning a life with someone is a major financial commitment, and you need to know if you're about to join yourself (and your life savings) to someone who can't handle that. Yes, it's a dash of colder water in the thrill of new love, but just like deciding on children up front, you don't want to find yourself years down the road groaning every time you have to co-sign another piece of routine paperwork for your spouse.