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2 Stocks That Will Double in 2013 (in a Perfect World)

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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- I like companies that carve out niches that just so happen to be the size of empires. (AMZN) -- now there's the perfect example. Overwhelming evidence continues to show that , after all these years, nobody has been able to come close to eroding, let alone ending, Amazon's e-commerce dominance.

I like the stock in 2013 -- just like I did in 2012 -- but I can't go on record with prediction of a double. Even if the world cooperates, AMZN likely does not double.

However, if the two names highlighted in this article do not double, something unexpected went very wrong and/or the world just decided to be a male private part. With that in mind, I anticipate both stocks will battle macro uncertainty and outperform the stock market big time, heavy duty in 2013.

News Corp (NWSA) . I've been writing about NWSA all year long. If I could own only one stock (for the record, with the exception of TheStreet (TST) , I cannot own any), NWSA would be it. There might not be a better developing situation in the market.

Put the puzzle pieces together.

As I explained when News Corp purchased a stake in YES (Yankees Entertainment and Sports) , Rupert Murdoch continues to extend his company's news, sports and entertainment empire.

It went under the radar the other day, but NWSA snagged another regional sports network (thanks, Bloomberg) -- SportsTime Ohio , which airs Cleveland Indians baseball. Fox Sports locks up the rights for more than a decade at a cost of $40 million per year.

Of course, Fox has, for a while, had a stable of regional sports networks. And the YES deal allows it to eventually take complete control of that network. These little bits and pieces-type deals will not raise regulatory antennas. Expect Murdoch to keep closing them. Say what you want about Rupert, but don't tell him to put that coffee down .

And then, bang, he'll up the ante.

I expect Murdoch to get his claws on, at the very least, interests in as many professional sports teams as he can in as many leagues as he can. Even if it's only 49% of the Yankees and a flat takedown of Madison Square Garden (MSG) , he will not stand still. In this, like it or not, new media space, you can't, like it or not , stand still. Heed the commas, dear reader, heed the commas!

News Corp will get as close as U.S. regulatory hacks will let it to a carbon copy of what Rogers Communications (RCI) and BCE (BCE) have going for them in Canada .

In a few months, News Corp spins off its money-losing, soul-sucking publishing segment. The value gets unlocked. Look the bleep out.

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