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5 iPhone Apps for Election 2012

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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Tuesday is one of the most important days for the United States in 2012 as the country votes for its president.

As the country goes to the polls to decide who will be in the White House for the next four years, either President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney, you can keep up to date with the latest news and polls on the go, using these apps designed for your Apple(AAPL) iPhone.

The 2012 election is sure to be one of the most contentious in history, as deficits, entitlements, energy policies, and the overall health of the economy is at the forefront of voters' minds. TheStreet and its contributors have predicted that President Obama will win a second term in the White House.

Here are five iPhone apps to help keep you informed and abreast on all the latest election information.

iDemocrat, Proud Republican

Politics are generally seen as poor cocktail party discussion, but that doesn't mean you can't wear your support on your iPhone. The iDemocrat and Proud Republican apps are simple apps that allow you to show your political colors proudly on your iPhone. The free version of the app merely offers a picture of a donkey or an elephant to display on your phone.

The iDemocrat app is a free app that gets updated twice a week with stats on how many people have downloaded the apps. You can find and install the app here .

The Proud Republican app costs $2.99, but gives you plenty bang for your conservative buck. In the latest version, you get access to talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others, while also getting updated news feeds from places like Drudge Report and FOX News .

It was selected as "Best Conservative iPhone App" in the App Store, and is compatible with all your iOS devices. It requires you have iOS 4.0 or later.

Election 2012

Election 2012 is an app that offers information on national poll results, live streaming videos, and continuous updates from Hearst Television's "Live Wire."

Some of the features included in the app are access to local and national stories, interviews and biographies on the candidates, fact checking, photos and more. You'll also get access to journalists from Hearst's many television stations across the country, including those in battleground states such as Ohio and Florida.

This free app is compatible with all iPhone's back to the 3GS, and requires iOS 4.0 or later. It's also compatible with iPad and the latest generation iPod Touch.

New York Times Election 2012

The New York Times (NYT) app includes updates from many of The Times' properties, including The Caucus blog and FiveThirtyEight, as well as various sources around the Web. It also includes poll numbers, info about the candidates, and state-by-state updates.

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