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Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: The Bullish Facts

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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- The bull facts just keep getting in the way of the bearish story, Jim Cramer told "Mad Money" viewers Thursday as he reflected on just what the bears must be thinking as the market continues to march higher.

Cramer said that normally when the government mandates that a company's products stop being used over safety concerns, the stock of that company plummets. But in the case of Boeing (BA) , its stock rallied despite the FAA grounding its fleet of 787 Dreamliners out of concerns over battery fires.

How can this happen? Cramer said it's simple. If you're an airline with 787s on order, you're certainly not canceling your order over this news. What are the alternatives, he asked, older, less fuel efficient planes? A fix for the batteries will come soon enough, and for those airlines with planes on order, better the bugs be worked out before you take delivery.

Cramer said the markets are full of cases like Boeing, case where bullish facts are getting in the way of what's assumed to be a bearish story. Payroll taxes went up and are supposed to crimp the U.S. consumer, he said, yet data released today show housing starts at their highest levels in years.

Cramer said that yes, the markets can pull back at any time. But over the long run, it's getting harder and harder to be a bear.

Worth the Investment

With the coming of Obamacare in 2014, Cramer said the temporary staffing business is on a tear, but there's only one company that's worth the investment: Robert Half (RHI) , a stock that's up 26% over the past two months.

Cramer explained that Obamacare requires companies with over 50 full-time employees provide health coverage for those employees, a rule that's forcing many small and medium-sized businesses to turn to temporary staffing to fill the void and save them money.

While the law doesn't officially start until 2014, it provides for a 12-month "look back" to see if a company is large enough to qualify. That means companies must begin keeping their staffing levels below 50 employees starting Jan. 1.

There are many companies in the temporary staffing arena, said Cramer. There are those that provide general labor services while others provide specialized workers like those in accounting, information technology and engineering. Cramer said the latter is the better play as those employees afford the staffing companies higher margins.

That's where Robert Half comes in, said Cramer. This company enjoys 40% margins and is a leader when it comes to placing accounting and IT professionals. He said the stock trades at 19 times earnings and the company has a 20% growth rate, which is better than its competitors like On Assignment (ASGN) .

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