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Our Technical and Fundamental Themes for 2013 (Including Video)

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Jill: There is a classic argument that exists in trading regarding stock selection discipline: fundamental versus technical analysis. Essentially, what came first? The chicken or the egg? One thing that we can all agree on is when a fundamental theory plays out and the chart action confirms the analysis, everyone is a happy camper.

Each day, Scott Redler, Chief Strategic Officer of, and our team shoot a Morning Call video which can be found on the homepage of and We get to the studio by 7am to show you levels to watch in the broader market and what sectors and stocks we are honing in on for the day. On Monday and Tuesday, Lindsey Bell and Brittany Umar, reporters from the flagship site, team up with Scott, and Nicole Urken who supports Jim Cramer on Mad Money has the Wednesday slot. I have the pleasure of co-anchoring on Thursday and having Scott as a contributor across our premium suite of sites.

Naturally, we all have different styles which allows us to highlight the content in multiple ways. For the Thursday slot, Scott and I have structured it in a way where we focus on identifying themes to measure sector and market composure, isolate the out/underperformers and how to use the fundamental AND technical approach to manage positions. Whether you are a momentum trader or long-term investor, there is something for everyone as we show multiple ways to play our ideas. We also spend a great deal of time on portfolio and risk management, as well as trading psychology.

My career in sales and trading is hitting the 17-year mark, and speaking from experience, Scott is one of the most talented, dedicated technicians in a very competitive industry. Be sure to catch him and the rest of the team as they provide a daily wrap up of the charts after the close on OP, Real Money Pro and, of course,

As always, we look forward to your feedback and ideas you would like us to look at for future content. Please make note of our Twitter handles below and stay in touch. Besides identifying good setups and trades, our main priority is working closely with our followers in an effort to continuously improve the product. Now onto to our 2013 themes...

The embedded video includes our key themes and individual ETFs and stocks to trade around that. Make sure you review it in its entirety as we walk through important levels on the charts and you can get a feel for our daily morning call content.

Scott: Many stocks have been enjoying a very nice run since the November 16 lows, so some digestion/corrective activity makes sense. There is still no deal on the fiscal cliff and many traders have already started to pack up shop as 2012 is coming to a close. But as with any market, there is always an opportunity for stock picking and some nice setups. The key to navigating this type of market is to recognize that entries and exits do matter in order to stay in some type of "portfolio approach" and manage multiple positions.

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