• GrubHub Tipping Probe Began With Seamless

    GrubHub said on Wednesday it had settled with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on how the online food delivery service charges its restaurant users. Tips that customers pay will no longer be included in GrubHub's take from restaurants.

  • W.W. Grainger (GWW) Stock Is Flat Following Release Of Its Earnings Report

    W.W. Grainger (GWW) beat analysts first quarter estimates

  • Greenberg: Putting Lipstick on Ulta

    The saga continues: No stranger to readers of this blog or my Reality Check newsletter, where it has long been red-flagged, Ulta Salon's stock is one of the most confounding among retail stories.Its shares have remained remarkably resilient, even in the recent rout, as CEO Mary Dillon made the rounds with New York analysts this week to discuss the company's makeover. It's not that the company, in the midst of a strategic review, is broadcasting that it is making widespread changes.But in his report earlier this week reiterating his "outperform" on Ulta, after hosting investor meetings with Dillon, analyst Gary Balter said he was impressed with her plans to "reinvest in infrastructure, brand positioning, marketing and customer relationships..."In other words, a costly makeover that even Balter concedes "is on improving results over the next five years, not on the quarter."

  • Sozzi: Coke Isn't It

    The company has positioned itself very poorly for the future of goods consumption.

  • Takeoff for China's Homegrown, On-Board Airliner Wi-Fi

    Using only domestic technology, Air China is the country's first carrier to introduce fast Internet on flights between Chinese cities.

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  • Chevy Corvette and Camaro: New American Muscle in 2015

    Is 2015 the return of the muscle car? Chevrolet is releasing two new versions of its classic American vehicles: The Corvette Z06 and the Camaro Z28. Here's a look at both vehicles, each set for their debut in 2015.

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