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10 Unique Services From Eager-to-Please Hotels

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Tree climbing: If you never learned to climb a tree as a child and it's on your bucket list, you're in luck if you visit the Primland Resort , in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. For two hours, a professional tree climber will teach you how to climb 70 feet up a tree -- just one of the unique services the resort offers. Those interested in astronomy can check out the Tour of the Universe package, which includes a two-hour video and live observatory experience. Cost for tree climbing: $120. The astronomy experience: $75.

Art classes: These aren't just any art classes. There could not be anything more picture perfect than taking art classes on a beach in Maui or in a beautiful garden setting on the island. The Grand Wailea in Maui offers guests these opportunities with the Passport to the Arts Program. Beginning watercolor, acrylic outdoor painting and outdoor photography are among the courses. Classes are $40 plus a $25 materials fee and are taught by accomplished artists.

Sleep concierge: It might be common sense that most hotels want their guests to get a restful and renewing night's sleep during their stay, but The Benjamin Hotel in New York City takes an extra step by providing each guest with a sleep concierge. The sleep concierge will assess the guest's sleep habits to recommend the perfect pillow from the 12-choice pillow menu and can even arrange a bedtime snack of the hotel's signature peanut butter and jelly sandwich on banana bread or sleep-inducing massage. The hotel is so sure you will sleep as well in their hotel as you do at home that you get a free night's stay if you don't. You can even buy your pillow if you love it.

Fairy godmother: If you've ever wished for a fairy godmother, you can get (almost) any wish your heart desires through the one employed by the Barnsley Gardens Resort outside Atlanta, Ga. The hotel's fairy godmother is not a concierge. She does not make reservations. She caters to dreams and wishes by casting "Love Spells," or customizes romantic experiences with your significant other. The fairy is well-known for enhancing stays by arranging amazing, over-the-top proposals and generally making guests' desires come to fruition. Prices vary.

Unexpected delights: You never know what you're going to be surprised with at the Marco Island Marriott (MAR) , in Marco Island, Fla., and that's the fun of it for the guests, management says. Their Unexpected Delights could be frozen fruit pops or frozen fruit passed out at the pool on a hot day, fresh guacamole and chips presented to guests passing through the lobby, a chocolate fountain flowing for an afternoon treat or ice towels given to golfing guests as they leave the course. "We empower our associates to do something unexpected on a daily basis," a representative for the hotel says.