Plymouth-based Cool Gear International has scored a world-class deal to develop hydration container  products for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, has signed an exclusive licensing agreement that designates Cool Gear as its developer of different styles of reusable containers including chillers, tumblers, and a reusable can.

“We were in demand because of our penetration worldwide,” said Donna Roth, president and CEO of Cool Gear International. “We export to close to 40 countries, and Latin America is an exploding market for us.”

Cool Gear International, formerly Fun Designs Inc., was founded by Roth, a Duxbury resident, in 2000.

The company now has almost 200 patents on various hydration and food storage containers, Roth said.

“We’re really known for our innovation and we keep setting trends in the market,” Roth said. “Now we are trying to get back into the sporting goods market, so as the largest hydration company in the United States, we went after the FIFA license.”

Cool Gear’s FIFA hydration products will be available at Dick’s Sporting Goods and starting this month, at Sport Chalet this spring, and at World Cup venues this summer.

Products feature multiple designs and range in price from $4.99 to $15.99.

Cool Gear’s licensing agreement means the products are branded solely for FIFA. Some of the products were created by Cool Gear specifically for the FIFA brand, and others were adjusted slightly from previous designs.

“Our range is wide, so we basically selected our best-selling types of items for them,” Roth said.

The products will mainly be manufactured in Shenzhen, China, where Cool Gear has a second headquarters.

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