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5 Cult TV Shows We Wish Netflix Would Bring Back

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) - Doesn't everyone have their favorite TV show that went off the air two, five, maybe even 10 years ago, that they still wish was running?

What if Netflix brought those shows back and continued them where they left off?

Netflix has been getting a lot of media hype over its original content from House of Cards, to Orange is the New Black to its kids-centered Turbo FAST, created in conjunction with DreamWorks Animation .

However, the idea of reviving old TV favorites is not out of the question. The Internet-TV streaming service has already brought back Arrested Development, which originally aired on Fox for three seasons ending in 2006. Netflix launched a 15-episode fourth season, starring Jason Bateman last May.

With today's consumer propensity to watching multiple episodes of a given show at once, past popular cult shows could provide a good avenue of bringing in more users while at the same time not having to reinvent the wheel at new content for Netflix. A December survey by Netflix found that "binge-watching" was the new normal, with 61% of 1,500 respondents polled by Harris Interactive saying they regularly binge watch shows.

The data found that a majority of streamers prefer to have a whole season of a show available to watch at their own pace. It's also becoming a group activity. Roughly 51% of those surveyed prefer to watch with at least one other person, the survey found.

Course if now-canceled shows were still running today they likely wouldn't have that same charm as they once did, given that everyone in Sex in the City (except Samantha) would be married, so hearing their tales of living in New York City, would turn into more of an urban Parenthood.

But if we could just dream for a moment, here are five shows that would still have a cult-like following if Netflix brought them back today.