NEW YORK ( MainStreet) — Getting into debt is like littering; everyone's against when everyone else but himself is doing it. When you're throwing a cigarette butt on the sidewalk, it's O.K. When you make a bad investment, it happens. But all other people need to be more responsible, and spend within their means, and blah, blah, blah.

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The truth is we all make certain money mistakes – we're human. We overpay to treat ourselves, out of laziness, or for a variety of reasons that are our own. We justify these expenditures, because we've earned them, we make enough money, it's a holiday or we enjoy certain creature comforts. Whether you're in the 99% or the 1%, odds are you're guilty of one of these money mistakes.

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1. You Don't Do Repairs

You're required to insure your car, as well as any collateral loan. Other than your health, there's nothing else you should be paying to insure. There's no need for a $7 a month cell phone insurance plan or any extended warranty. Just respect your belongings, and, if something does break, look up how to repair it online .

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There is no end to the DIY books, videos, and pictures online, teaching you (for free) how to fix anything. When my Xbox 360 red-ringed a few years back, I fixed it myself, despite having never taken apart a video game console. You can learn to paint, fix a toilet, replace parts in your appliances or anything else online.

"We're living in the age of how-to and DIY content marketing," says Jody Lamb of "Since our founding in 1999, three million customers have saved $250 million by completing repairs on their own."

2. You Have Too Many Obligations

"Water, food, housing, are things we need," says Los Angeles Realtor Chantay Bridges. "It's imperative we know the difference between what we can or cannot live without."


Instead of focusing on the basics, we have subscriptions to Netflx and Hulu Plus on top of our already-too-expensive cable bill with more packages added on than anyone has time to watch. Our phones need unlimited everything, and still we download more apps and games and pay for all of it, because it fills a gap for us.

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We leave our houses, and we join VIP clubs and gain prime memberships. They're all designed to save us time so we can avoid the gym, fitness center or yoga shala we pay for. Then there's the annual dues for our professional groups, homeowner's associations and every other contract we sign to pay more people more money for non-essentials.