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If You Work For Sears, Quit and Find a New Job, NOW

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Last week, I received the following message from a Vice President at a major corporation:

I refuse to go on the record, but let's just say your work this past week has confirmed that one of my decisions last year was the right one.

Even though I can still see the turnip truck's brake lights, I can read between the lines quite well. This person interviewed for a job at Sears Holdings and turned it down. Clearly, this person made the right choice.

This person is smart enough to not join a sinking ship. And this person is, undoubtedly, smarter than the top executives at Sears.

I'm smarter than the decision-making executives at Sears. TheStreet's Brian Sozzi is smarter than these executives at Sears. TheStreet's Robert Weinstein is smarter than them as well.

And you -- each and every one of you -- are smarter than the people who have decimated what was once a national treasure. Even if you're one of the people who reacted emotionally to what happened at TheStreet and on Twitter over the first weekend of the month and throughout the subsequent week.

That storm of fire aside, the real outrage here isn't the broad and misguided response from Sears management; it's really about two specific facets of their ineptitude.

On the following pages, I lay it out like it is. Cutting through the noise and clutter in what amounts to part one of a Sears three-parter to be continued Monday morning at TheStreet.