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Meg Whitman's Incompetence at HP Has Reached Record Levels

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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- I can't figure out what's worse: Sears Holdings explicit hatred for the communities it operates in or the farcical contributions Hewlett-Packard makes to the tech sector.

TheStreet's Gary Krakow has the lowdown on HP's latest entrance into the smartphone market. But it's not really a smartphone Meg Whitman's set to unleash on India. It's actually two "Voice Tablets." Relatively large objects that cross between a traditional smartphones and larger tablets.

HP says it's doing this because ...

consumers are looking to consolidate their phones and tablets, which is propelling the voice tablet market.

Man alive -- Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook was spot on when he said the competition is confused.

This move by HP is so bad I'm having difficulty finding words to describe it.

Before the announcement, in an article that focused on Microsoft , I discuss why this notion of an all-in-one device will fail worse than it has already.

Do you realize how long we have had all-in-ones rammed down our throats? For at least a couple of years now. The lunacy of all of this is nothing short of mind-numbing. So, while this isn't an all-in-one laptop/tablet, HP is pushing on us, it plays on the same general illogic that spawned those God-awful devices.

You have a glut of products that simply have not caught on. Yet, at the same time, you have companies such as HP acting like they're somehow pushing the space forward or driving innovation.

However, what they're doing is not akin to Apple reiterating iPhone or iPad.

Apple has established itself with these devices. As such, it can iterate them on schedule. Samsung has afforded itself the right to do this with its fragmented line of super sized smartphones and tablets. HP has no business trying to come in somewhere between the two.

And it knows this. It knows the premise that consumers are looking to consolidate their phones and tablets, which is propelling the voice tablet market is shaky. That's why it's launching in India and, presumably, other emerging markets to follow. It has nothing to do with the apparent "opportunity" in these places and everything to do with HP making sure that, if it fails, it does so under a cover of darkness. Not in the spotlight of the domestic market.

I have an idea: Sears ought to follow in J. C. Penney's footsteps. Go and hire the self-proclaimed visionary, Meg Whitman, as your CEO to lead another five-year plans. She'll be available soon because, right now, she's merely living off of borrowed time on her current one.

--Written by Rocco Pendola in Santa Monica, Calif.