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One Reason Why We Don't Quit Cable TV

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- No need for a big intro here. People will tell you without waver (or is it waiver?) that streaming boxes cannot replace a cable or satellite subscription until ... in the words of Huffington Post tech reporter Tim Stenovec:

That makes intuitive sense, but is it a surface scratch analysis?

Outside of the National Football League, you can access streaming packages for mainstream sports leagues without a cable or satellite subscription. I use the National Hockey League's NHL Game Center app as well as the out-of-this-world MLB At-Bat from Major League Baseball. I have a DIRECTV subscription, but, lately, I've been wondering why.

I'm not an NFL fan. If I were, I guess the conversation stops here. The lack of a consistent and legal way to watch football without a cable or satellite subscription deal breaks the notion of cutting the cord. But, beyond that, what's stopping me (or you)?

The local sports blackout for one ... For example, if you live in Los Angeles and are a Kings fan (or follow the Anaheim Ducks daily), those games end up blacked out on NHL Game Center. That's easy for me, a Southern California resident who roots for out-of-market teams to forget. But, alas, not everybody's A) a sports fan and/or B) married to their local teams. 

Home Box Office (HBO) for two. But don't be surprised to see HBO open things up even more than it has with HBO GO (you can already watch a small handful of HBO shows via YouTube) sometime before the end of the year. And then there's a smattering of other programming -- ranging from CNBC to Comedy Central  -- that I can either access piecemeal online or via Hulu.

That aside -- after chatting with my wife about the prospects of cord cutting, I stumbled on an emotional reason for sticking with cable. A psychological roadblock that keeps many of us from jettisoning the cable or satellite subscription.

We don't want to risk missing anything. We keep cable or satellite as a safety net. Something we know we'll need or at least want to have a few times a year (big awards shows, the Super Bowl, etc.). And something we hang onto in case something unexpected comes up during the year that requires a subscription for viewing. What if I'm not in the mood to hit up a friend or go to a bar when my time of need comes?