Number 9: Montana. It placed worst in drunk driving. It also placed worst in motor vehicle fatalities. You may want to think, soberly, before climbing into a car in this state . Your life is on the line.

Number 8: North Carolina. Lots of careless driving (it placed 44th) and no good scores at all doomed the Tar Heel State.

Number 7: Missouri. Failure to obey (48th) and driving drunk (41th) pummeled the Show Me State.

Number 6: Florida. The absolutely most careless drivers in the nation (#51).

Number 5: Alabama. Across the board low rankings, no good scores, and a 49th finish for tickets issued closed this case.

Number 4: Texas. A lot of drunk driving (47th nationally) is why.

Number 3: Mississippi. 47th for fatalities. Say no more.

Number 2: South Carolina. 49th for fatalities and 49th for drunk driving. You thought the only menace in the Palmetto State was Paula Deen.

Number 1: Louisiana. 41st for fatalities. 48th for careless driving. And just a lot of other awful scores.

Crunch all the numbers and, put Vermont's total score at 48. As for Louisiana - remembering that the lower the score the safer the drivers in this part of the metric - it comes in at 220. That is almost five times higher than Vermont.

It's also five points more than South Carolina and 20 points worse than Mississippi.

Word of advice: fly into Louis B. Armstrong Airport and know that a flat rate taxi fare to New Orleans's Central Business District is $33. Don't even think about renting a car. And, by the way, buckle up even in the back seat. You can't really enjoy a Sazerac when you are in a hospital bed.

—Written by Robert McGarvey for MainStreet