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2013 Predictions: Twitter's IPO, Apple's Evolution, Europe's Implosion and Obama's Big Year

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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- The divergent fortunes of Twitter and Research In Motion (RIMM) , Apple's (AAPL) incremental changes and President Barack Obama's biggest year ever top TheStreet's predictions for 2013, made by staff and contributors.

Events next year may not be as easy to foresee as who wins the election (we were right on that one) because the workings of the economy, markets, technology and politics are more complex than they used to be.

10 Technology Predictions for 2013

I've already done a prediction column for technology, so I'm going to play armchair economist this time around (my second-favorite armchair gig behind armchair QB), and stay away from tech, while focusing on the broader economy, and ultimately, the fiscal cliff.

Here's TheStreet's predictions for 2013. Please add your own in the comments field, and we'll compile them for a new story.

William Inman , TheStreet's Editor-in-Chief:

"Look for more protectionist policies out of Washington -- higher tariffs, import restrictions, limits on overseas job sourcing and manufacturing -- as a Republican-stalemated Congress and the Obama administration find common ground in a tough political and economic environment."

Chris Ciaccia , TheStreet's Technology Reporter:

"I'm pretty certain 2013 will not be a kind year to the equity markets, at least initially. I believe concerns over the fiscal cliff and a pending recession lead us lower. President Obama and Congress are doing their very best to make the American public, businesses and markets frazzled that a deal will get done to avoid going over the cliff."

"Taking some inspiration from Jeff Gundlach, of Doubleline Capital , I believe that Congress does not solve the cliff the way the markets like, essentially doing a can-kick into next year, as the choices become increasingly different to resolve. I believe 2013 is the year we see the implosion of monetary policy, as Ben Bernanke and the rest of the Federal Reserve are unable to save the country from Washington, and the subsequent rounds of quantitative easing have little or no effect on the economy and job market. I do not see Gundlach's "kaboom" moment happening in 2013, though I think it happens before Obama's next term ends."

"Only a meaningful deal between Obama and Congress can restore the country to better fiscal times, and this means a lower market for a good chunk of 2013."

Year-end S&P 500 target: 1,460 (it closed at 1,414 on Dec. 14)

James Rogers , TheStreet Technology Editor:

"The biggest tech story of early 2013 will likely be the arrival of Research In Motion's (RIMM) eagerly anticipated, yet much-delayed, BlackBerry 10 operating system."

"The embattled Canadian handset maker will unveil the OS, along with two BlackBerry 10 devices, at a worldwide launch event on Jan. 30."