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10 Most American-Made Cars of 2013

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PORTLAND, Ore. (TheStreet) -- A U.S. company can produce a car and assemble it here, but it takes more than that to make it "American."

Buying from a U.S.-based maker hasn't guaranteed an "American-made" in a long time, but even a car with 80% American-made parts isn't "American" if it isn't assembled here. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration admits there's no such thing as a 100% American car and notes that one of its most "American" vehicles -- the 80% U.S.-produced Dodge Caravan -- has a motor made in Mexico and is assembled in Canada.

Twenty years ago, Congress passed the American Automobile Labeling Act requiring cars to have labels specifying their percentage of U.S./Canadian parts, the country of assembly and the country of origin for the engine and transmission. The NHTSA has compiled lists of these vehicles for each model year to help consumers who care about such things get more homegrown product for their money.

The following are the 10 vehicles assembled in the U.S. using the most U.S. and Canadian parts: