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The 5 Best Luxury SUVs of 2013

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BOSTON (TheStreet) -- Here's a look at five great luxury SUVs that can get you through rough roads and bad weather while you enjoy rich leather seating and some of best surround-sound audio systems on the market today.

"Driving a really good luxury SUV is all about having the nicest 'useful box' that money can buy," says Richard Homan of Kelley Blue Book, which recently named 2013's Best Luxury SUVs.

"Even rich people don't want to spend more money than they have to, so they want vehicles that fulfill as many of their needs as possible," he says. "Good luxury SUVs will drive nicely, but can also hold umpteen children and lots of your stuff."

Homan and other KBB editors picked the best luxury SUVs by rating all 2013s in the segment for everything from ride quality to horsepower.

Click below to check out the top five vehicles on KBB's rundown. All dollar figures refer to the manufacturer's suggested retail price for each vehicle's base version.