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Apple, Tesla Completely Embarrass Microsoft

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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Any person even remotely associated with Microsoft (MSFT) should be livid, ashamed of him/herself or a mix of both.

Livid if they're not accomplice to the company's active and ongoing implosion. Ashamed if they have mailed it in over the last five years.

You're misleading yourself if you cannot see the writing on the wall. Get ahead of the curve on this one: Microsoft is the next Research in Motion (RIMM) .

Swallow the numbers . Choke on them. Digest them. Act accordingly.

I had an experience this past Friday that I guess I have had before, but, for some reason, it never resonated with me like it did this time.

After I landed in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, TheStreet contributor Robert Weinstein , who I visited in the Northwoods of Wisconsin for a mini vacation , took me to the famous Mall of America .

We visited the Apple (AAPL) Store, which, not surprisingly, sits right across the way from the Microsoft Store. You can see the reflection of the Windows logo in the window of the Apple Store.

How painfully depressing.

I'm not sure who was in that part of the mall first. And it really doesn't matter. Retail in the same category clusters all of the time for various reasons.

There's the notion of clustering.

And there's the competitive nature of the game. Apple opened a store in Waterloo, Ontario. Good market, yes, but Steve Jobs wanted to pour salt in RIM's wounds by erecting a symbol of Apple dominance in the land of BlackBerries and failed attempts to secure an NHL franchise.

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I would commend Microsoft for opening up next door or across from every Apple Store in the world if the company had just a shred of pride left.

Maybe if Microsoft rolled more like Tesla Motors (TSLA) .

When I Tweeted my displeasure with Microsoft's retail strategy -- opening Apple copycats, sometimes in close proximity to Apple Stores -- my feed went ablaze with people claiming I was making a big deal out of nothing.

I wasn't. Hear me out. You can't make a big enough deal over the travesty Microsoft contributes to in the tech space.

It's what amounts to plagiarism vs. using somebody else's work as a source of inspiration.

Tesla does the latter, Microsoft the former with respect to the Apple retail concept.

Walk into a Tesla store. You see something modeled after an Apple Store, however, you never feel like you're seeing a copycat, such as the types Steve Jobs chided at one of his last product launch presentations for Apple.