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Small Can Be Better

By Frank Armstrong

Fee-Only Independent Registered Investment Advisors are an entirely different animal than the brokerages, broker-dealers, insurance companies, and banks that have traditionally dominated the investment advice market.

The traditional commission based sales model is fatally flawed and cannot be fixed. It's almost impossible to provide fiduciary standards of investment management if the advisor is commission based. External influence and production pressure make any recommendation suspect. The investor's best assurance of objective advice is the ironclad separation between the advice and brokerage functions. That's why we think our fee-only compensation is so important to you. Do you really want to pay for tainted advice?

But there are additional compelling reasons for investors to prefer an independent approach. The Fee-Only, Independent, Registered Investment Advisor is a viable and attractive alternative for individuals, trusts, pension plans and non-profit organizations demanding high quality investment advice and portfolio management.

First, let's acknowledge that we are not a giant name brand institution. We think that's a good thing. Size and advertising budget do not translate into objective advice, tailored individual service, or integrity. There is simply no relationship between size of the organization and its ability to provide quality services.

Investors might correctly wonder about the financial integrity of a small firm. However, that's not an issue. We don't have a penny of their assets - ever. Instead, they should look to the financials of the custodians that they select to hold their accounts. (Our clients have their choice of three of America's largest discount brokers). We provide advice and management for their accounts under a limited power of attorney that gives us the right to direct investments but not withdraw funds. In fact, we could all disappear without a trace and their funds would be secure.

At Investor Solutions we sell only advice and management services. We work only for our clients and have no hidden agendas. We are paid directly by our clients, and have no other sources of income. Our fees are totally transparent and fully disclosed. We are fiduciaries, we expect to be held to those standards, and we pledge to make all recommendations exclusively in the best interests of our clients.