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Arena Pharma Investors: DEA, Hedge Funds Conspiring To Destroy Belviq

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SAN DIEGO ( TheStreet) -- Some of Arena Pharmaceuticals' (ARNA) retail-investor shareholders accuse the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency of conspiring with Wall Street hedge funds to delay the commercial launch of the company's weight-loss pill Belviq.

The DEA is collecting public comments on its proposed rule making Belviq a Schedule IV controlled substance . The 30-day comment period ends on Jan. 18, after which DEA will finalize its ruling. After another 30-day waiting period, the rule becomes effective and Arena's marketing partner Eisai can start selling Belviq and begin to compete against Vivus' (VVUS) Qsymia.

But this routine bureaucratic procedure is too long and unnecessary, according to some Arena supporters who believe Belviq should be made commercially available immediately. That the drug isn't yet stocked on pharmacy shelves is another sign that crooked Wall Street is trying to destroy Arena and keep obese Americans from the live-saving therapy they so desperately need.

Read through the eye-opening (and head-scratching) public comments posted on the DEA's proposed rule.

My favorite, from Roger Carter posted yesterday :

If there is one thing I'm sure of, the DEA will act at the last minute of the last day... on Belviq...The FDA and now the DEA, has killed more Americans than any Terrorist could dream about by delaying this safe and effective drug to so many Americans who need them. The problem in the US is these agencies have all been captured by Wall Street. Wall Street don't make widgets, they lie, steal and manipulate everything. They canot make the billions any other way. They have to manipulate. Does it really take 6 months to review a drug? I don't think so. Wall Street hedge funds are behind the delays in order to make millions by manipulating the stock with out fear. There is no other way there could be 56 million shorts on the company unless they have the inside scoop of the delays. So you people at the DEA have to look in the mirror and ask yourself, is it worth to delay a drug that can save lives for a few bucks in a Swiss account?...

Reza Ganjavi , echoing Carter's sentiments:

Dear DEA In reviewing the comments submitted please note that there is an interest by some hedge funds to disparage lorcasersin because they are facing a huge loss due to fighting against science and truth, and fortunately losing that fight when FDA approved the drug...

Mark Davis , who identifies himself as an Arena shareholder:

It has taken over 6 mths for the DEA to review Belviq. In the mean time, thousand have died and are dying who could have been helped with this new novel drug from Arena. I'm sure there are people at the DEA saying well, "Tough Tinsel, it's not my problem we have rules and guidelines we must follow, we are the DEA" while sitting behind there desk sipping on a 16 ounce Coke... Said to see all government agencies have been captured by Wall Street hedge funds at the expensue of Dying Americans. Yesterday was to late already.