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More Efficient Hospitals: What's wURKEN?

NEW YORK (MainStreet) --Russ Graney came on What's wURKEN to discuss Aidin, the company he founded that leverages tech to try to make hospitals more efficient. The company helps connect patients and hospitals to post-acute facilities like nursing homes to ensure proper continued care and reduce hospital readmission rates.

Graney, whose background is in private equity, consulting and education, applied the skills of his former pursuits to optimize the healthcare business through technology. Hospitals are generally concerned with patients' length of stay, efficiently discharging patients but not necessarily following through to make sure their convalescence is complete. The major problem? Healthcare systems and hospitals, unlike a lot of consumer technology, have been relatively low-tech. Aidin, as such, aims to simplify this complex system through technology and aims toward cost cutting through its solutions.

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