Wacky Insurance

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Let's talk about insurance some more.

For most of us insurance exists in the same practical world as utility bills and credit reports. It's utilitarian, meant to cover things like health, homes and automobiles (and the last often only by force of law). People who decide to get creative with it, though, can stretch the marketplace much further than that.

The fact is, insurance can cover just about anything. An insurance policy is, in many very real ways, a form of legalized gambling. If you and the company can agree on what to cover, how much it's worth and whether it will be destroyed, the insurence providers can write up a policy to cover it. So, for those few of us who want to get our minds off of Obamacare at least for the next eight minutes, here are some of the odder things that people have managed to insure.