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5 Earth Day Ways to Save All Kinds of Green

NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- Earth Day is today, serving as a reminder that humans need to be aware of, and kinder to, Mother Earth.

In addition to the altruistic and environmental overtones, there can be a financial angle.

It's not a huge one, but consumers who adhere to some earth-friendly practices can save a few bucks, padding their bank accounts in the process.

Andrea Woroch, a national consumer financial guru, calls it saving the right kind of "green" on Earth Day. She advocates taking everyday steps to save the environment that can make a financial difference too.

"Earth Day serves as our annual reminder to be more conscious of the environmental impacts of our everyday habits," Woroch says. "While some may resist going green because of the cost, others know being eco-minded actually saves a lot of green."

Simple, everyday changes such as line-drying your laundry or embracing reusable grocery bags are tips consumers get every year, she says. Those are good, but consumers can go one step further by taking these personal environment-friendly steps: