10 Apps for the 2012 Olympics (Update 1)

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Users can select an image from a small library or Facebook or upload a new snapshot from the 2012 Olympic Games, add a message and personalized signature, and Touchnote Postcards will print and post it.

Depending on the sender's location, each postcard usually costs £1.49, $1.49 or €1.49; however because of a partnership with Samsung Mobile , users can send unlimited postcards free of charge during the Summer Games.

Olympic Games: Spartan Athletics is a 99 cent iPad game based on the ancient Olympic Games, a series of athletic competitions among representatives from the various city-states in Ancient Greece. Players select either a Pentathlon or a Single Event amongst High Jump, Long Jump, 100 meter dash, Shot Put, 110 meter Hurdles, 400 meter dash, Pole Vault, Discus, Javelin and 1,500 meter dash. Then, they select a character, with amusing names like Pectorius, Dashidakis, Thickilakis, based on speed, power, leap and technique and endurance rankings.

Players control the movements of the characters by swiping and flicking their fingers across the iPad screen. Unlike some other tablet games, the speed of the players' movements determine the pace and power of the characters' actions.

When spectators think they've watched enough of the Summer Games, they can test their knowledge with Mega Olympic Quiz .

The 99 cent app offers a trivia game covering facts about Olympians, sports and games. Users can modify the number of questions, time per question and difficulty. When the Quiz is complete, users can share their achievement (or failure) with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

An example of a medium-difficulty question portends to the number of continents a sport must be played on before the IOC will consider making it an Olympic event for men.

When the 2012 Summer Games come to a close, the medal winners will join the ranks of Olympians on Summer Medals . As a tribute to all Olympic stars around the world and throughout history, this free application enables users to search by Olympics, sport, medal or athlete through a roster.

At the 1896 Athens Games, there were 122 medal winners, primarily competing in Track and Field, Shooting, Gymnastics and Cycling. Over half of these Olympians hailed from Greece and the United States, according to this free application. A far cry from the 2008 Beijing Games, which celebrated 948 medal winners from across the globe, including one Taekwondo champion from war torn Afghanistan.

--Written by Nathalie Pierrepont in New York.

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