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These master limited partnerships are notorious issuers of stock. EPD is only about a point-and-a-half off of its high and it did trade down to $49 from $55 not that long ago on the usual scare that Congress would change the tax status of the company.

But I think it's still a decent entry point to get some of this 4.79% yielder. I would put on half and then hope it goes to a 5% yield through price depreciation.

Keep in mind this is the Big Daddy of all of the mlps at $50 billion. It will sell down if another big mlp offers stock. Still, it is the highest quality and has the biggest opportunity of all of them right now, ven bigger than Kinder Morgan (KMP) and certainly more than Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) , even as ETP yields 7.7%, Trust me, I learned the hard way that the yield cannot make up for the price depreciation when the company isn't boosting the distribution or is as poorly run as ETP.

Stick with quality. It's obvious that the insiders sure are. Who am I to say they are wrong? I just hope you get a chance to buy it underneath their price.