Nothing to do With Luck: Ask Noah

Grow: Notice when you're comparing and contrasting how "lucky" your life felt before, and how "unlucky" it feels to you now. Comparing different stages is illogical. As you face new challenges and hold greater expectations of yourself, you are faced with bigger decisions.

Growth can sometimes feel painful or confusing and complications follow your evolution. Yet, life does become sweeter with wisdom.

Present: As you keep dwelling in the past, so, too, does your life, leaving you incapable of living in the moment.

Perhaps the key to you finding a "bit of simple happiness" is to just be a little softer with yourself. Be present to your moment-to-moment needs and ease up on yourself.

Examine: Pause in demanding that your "luck" change and get curious as to why you actually became dissatisfied in the first place. Spot where you're categorizing your unhappiness; love, work, finances.

It's foolish to say these things aren't important. However, it is the meaning we attach to them that gives them too much significance.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not wish you the best of luck!

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Noah Kass is a psychotherapist specializing in addiction and relationship issues. He is currently Clinical Director at The Dunes: East Hampton, a residental addiction treatment center ( Mr. Kass was a frequent guest on MSNBC�s The Dylan Ratigan Show, featured in a segment called � Kass' Couch � and regularly blogs for The Huffington Post.