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You're Investing, Not Running the Company

Posted at 12:55 p.m. EDT on Friday, Oct. 25

Where does it say that we have to hold each stock to the same set of rules?

Where does it say that it's wrong that a stock goes higher based on revenue growth not on earnings? Is there some sort of handbook that says certain stock gains are legitimate and others aren't because they were powered by enterprise worth and not the multiple we put on its earnings stream?

To listen to people talk about the gains in today after it showed a remarkable 24% gain to $17 billion in revenues, is to believe that somehow, the whole move shouldn't be allowed. I hear people speak of how horrendous this all ends and how there has to be a moment where it switches to profitability or else it will hit a wall and be crushed.

And you know what? This is all nonsense. It's all theoretical hogwash. The simple truth is that the goal of investing in the stock market is to make money. There are many ways to make money, some more risky than others. But the goal is the same: get rich owning stocks. The moment you think differently is the moment that you are not investing. You are just theorizing.